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Graduated Sung-Shin University in Seoul (German literature)

Graduated Visual Art (DEA ) in University Paris 1 (Panthéon Sorbonne) in Paris, France

2005-2006 work in Art Studio Program of Goyang, National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea




2022: "뜻밖의 만남_ Un expected encounter", jam:11, Paju Publishing City

2021: "Art is an open window", LG U+ C gallery, Seoul

2019:  "Fil blanc", Kasah gallery, Paris. France

2018:  "Fil blanc", Trunk gallery, Seoul

2018:  “LEE Minho”, Yamaki Fine Art gallery, Kobe, Japan

2017:  “Abstract Journey”, Imura gallery, Kyoto, Japan

2016:  “As if fight”, Trunk gallery, Seoul

2016:  “Oblivion”, B Cut gallery, Seoul

2015:  “Labyrinth_Ariandne’s thread”, Space 22, Seoul

2012:  “Invisible City_Strange Site”, Yamaki Fine Art gallery, Kobe, Japan

2012:  “Linked Landscape”, Trunk gallery, Seoul

2009:  “Portable Landscape”, Yamaki Fine Art gallery, Kobe, Japan

2009:  “Portable Landscape / Baroque Imagination ”, K& gallery, Seoul

2008:  “Portable Landscape – on the road, on the dot”, Touchart gallery, Heiri Art valley

2007:  “Portable Landscape”, Trunk gallery, Seoul

2007:  “We live here”, Yamaki Fine Art gallery, Kobe, Japan

2006:  “We are here”, Goyang International Art Studio gallery, Goyang

2004:  “So far so close”, De Buci gallery, Paris

2004:  “We live here”, Hall of Company Semea 15, Paris

2003:    Saint-Cyprien Contemporary Art Center, Pyrénées Orientales, France

2001:    De Buci Gallery, Paris

2000:    La Nacelle –Aubergenville Culture Center, Aubergenville, France

2000:    Taylor Foundation, Paris

1999:    Grande Loge Museum France, Paris

1999:    De Buci gallery, Paris

1998:    Kunstherberg gallery, Hommerts, Netherland

1997:    De Buci gallery, Paris

1996:    Bernanos gallery, Paris

1995:    Des Carrées gallery, Versailles


Group  Exhibitions


2021:   "Figurer le Cosmos', 14th Biennale d'Issy, National Museum Carte a jouer France

2021:  "a Mark I, Samyuk bld, Seoul

2019:   "Busan photo festival", Geocheong Dockyard, Busan 

2019:   "Having", Shinsege gallery, Daegu

2017 :  "Seoul photo festival", Changdong Art plattform 61, Seoul

2017 :  "Apriori of body", Space Hue, Paju

2016 :  "Six perspectives on landscape", Muan Seungwoo Oh Museum of Art, Muan

2016 :  " Fancy space", Aram Museum of Art, Goyang

2016 :  "Limitted Unlimitted", Gallery Mark, Seoul

2015:   “Biennale d”Issy_Noir et blanc, un duel éternel", National Museum Carte a jouer France

2015:   “Moving Art Project in Sian, Sian museum_Gong gallery, Sian China

2015:   “Colorpool”, Gyeonggi Moma, Ansan

2015:   “B Side”, The Texas Project, Seoul

2014:   “Moving Triennale made in Busan”, Ferry terminal, Busan  made in Fukuoka, Fukuoka, Japan

2014:   “Another Simulacra, Index gallery, Seoul

2014:   “19 Shelters” The Texas Project, Seoul

2013:   “Vision &Reflection”, Museum of Kyungbuk University, Daegu

2012:   “Bartz_Revolution”, Gyeonggi Moma, Ansan

2011:   “Dual Images”, Pohang Museum of Steel Art, Pohang

2010:   “Close Encounter”, Jeju Museum of Art ,Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju

2010:   “Unfamiliar Time, Familiar Space”, Interalia, Seoul

2010:   "SBS Tomorrow Festival”, SBS Broadcasting Station/ Mokdong, Seoul

2010:   “Frame Frame”, Dongduk Art gallery, Seoul

2010:   “On the Border of Light and Obscurity”, KIC Art Center, Shanghai, China

2009:   “Seoul International Photo Festival- CROSS”, Garden 5, Seoul

2009:   “SU;MBISORI”/ Inaugural Exhibition for Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju

2009:   “Another Masterpiece /New Acquisition”, Gyeonggi Moma, Ansan

2009:   “Multiscape”, 315 Art Center, Masan

2008:   “Creation Anatomy”, Gyeonggi Moma, Ansan

2008:   “Yangpyung Project-Inevitable Cloud”, Doctor Park gallery, Yangpyung

2008 :  “Sight on site”, Aram Museum of Art, Ilsan

2008:   “2008 Changwon  Asia Art Festival – Post citizen / Finding our way”, Sungsan Art Hall, Changwon

2008 :  “A sweet illusion”, gallery Hangil, Heiri Art valley

2008 :  “Wake up 2008”, gallery Now, Seoul

2008 :  “Silver Fox Project, Trunk gallery, Seoul

2008 :  “Young Photo”, Shinsege Wall gallery, Seoul

2007:   “Spectrum of Korean Contemporary Photography – Still life”, Trunk gallery, Seoul

2007 :  “Portrait Croisé”, France National Museum of Card, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

2006 :  “Mertz’ room”, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

2006:   “Frontier– Sonamou”, Montparnasse Museum, Paris & City Hall of Meuse, Bar-le-Duc, France

2006:  “SUB” Open Studio”, Goyang International Art Studio, Goyang

2005:  “Sonamou, Paris- Seoul”, Korea Foundation Culture Center, Seoul

2005:  “Issy Biennale, France National Museum of Card“ , Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

2004:  “COREEgraphie “, France National Museum of Card, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

            “Sonamou“, Korean Culture Center, Paris

2003:   “Salon de Montrouge“, Montrouge, France

            “Mis à nu“, Korean Culture Center, Paris

2000:   “Carte Blanche “ Boulogne Culture Center, Boulogne Billancourt, France

            “Salon de Montrouge“, Montrouge, France

1997:   “4 Artistes“, Russian chamber of commerce and industry, Paris

         “Salon de Montrouge“, Montrouge, France

            “Chamalières Triennal of Contemporary Print“, Chamalières, France

1996:   “International Contemporary Art of Monte-Carlo“, Monaco

            “SEN’ ART Triennal“,  Savigny-le-Temple, France

            “Trace-Contemporary Print Biennal“, Paris

1995:   “Salon de Montrouge“, Montrouge, France

            “Biennal Sud », Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

            “Grands et jeunes d ‘Aujourd’hui“, Espace Branly, Paris

1994:   “Salon of Contemporary Art“,  Bagneux, France

            “Itinéraire 94“  Levallois-Perret, France

            “Novembre á Vitry“, Vitry sur Seine, France



              Seoul Museum of Art

              Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art

              Saint-Cyprien Contemporary Art Center, France

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